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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

[Hella's Workshop 2015 Art Commission Request Places]

  I'm starting to take art commission from you guys. 
First of all, I'm not good at english. please understand. but I try to answer what I can.

  If you want to request commission drawing. please comment to this here.
I prefer to use messenger as hangout, Skype
Please the write you're messenger and you're messenger ID.

  After checking I'll answering to you.
Deciding the price in conversation.

  But you have to know before you give work.

1.  All works show in my broadcast(http://twitch.tv/hellamerdurial)
2.  I can use you're commission works in youtube(as youtube's monetizing) and this blog(using only workflow video for promotion)
3. I don't want to have time limit. I want to take work no time limit.

You can see my commission work 
'Click Continue to read'.

 Hella's Workshop in Twitch


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